Friday, April 1, 2016

Marauder "Gun Runners" (

I only learned about these figures recently on a site that's featured on my blog list called Reasonably Intelligent Rambling.It's a nice site with lots and lots of Joe pics,dioramas and a cool alternate history G.I. Joe storyline. The sites author,Thomas Brooks,published a post on a Marauder "Gun-Runners" figure that really piqued my interest. Marauder " Gun-Runners" is a web store that specializes in weapons and accessories for most all  3 3/4   action figures i.e. G.I. Joe,Marvel Universe , etc. 
Not only do they dabble In weapons and diorama accessories,but they also offer  contemporary G.I. Joe-like  action figures that can be customized to your liking via a port hole system. They offer a nice variation of head sculpts, and mission related colored uniforms with a gi-normous amount of weapons,vests,helmets and war paraphernalia to arm them with.It's like Build-A-Bear meets G.I. Joe!Needless to say ,I was   impressed.I had yet to bring myself to pull the trigger on one of their figures when to my surprise ,in the trade package sent to me by my good buddy Orniphus ,was this awesome Marauder "Gun-Runners" action figure!My jaw hit the floor! Not so awesome you say?That's because I haven't armed him to the teeth yet ;)

With these......! 

Read the red text in the voice of  the narrator on "A Christmas Story" -   

" So while the wifey was getting her hair done  last night.......I stayed behind.Alone In my room, mind racing with  infinite possibilities.What was I going to name him?Where would his sheaths go and what color was my wife's hair going to be,now? I quickly went to work on the vest , attaching pouches,equipping holsters and  arming pistols!And most importantly, I didn't shoot my eye out..."     

So this Is what I came up with...

Everything fits ok,but I think the ideal thing to do with these Is to glue the pieces into the ports once you have your figure the way you want him.I added the Uzi and pistol on his leg holster.The joints are comparable to the newer Joe stuff we have today but the weapons seem to have more detail.

This really is a glorious figure ,from the head sculpt on down. Orniphus,please pardon my french but you my friend are the fucking man!I can't thank you enough.Oh,and I still have one more G.I. Joe gem  to go,so stay tuned for that one folks!Until next time "YO JO....." I mean... "MARAUDERS GUN RUNNERS,YO!"


  1. Glad you like him. It's a very nice line of figures. Love the Christmas Story reference.

    1. It's not a line i'm gonna immerse myself in but I may pick up a second figure down the line.Customizing them is too much of fun.Thanks D!