Monday, April 25, 2016

I Double Doom Dare Ya!

I thought It might be nice to whip out the old Mattel Secret Wars Doom  , to see how It stacks up against the newer Marvel Universe Doom.Lets take a look at the two shall we...

Right away,you'll notice that the Marvel Universe Doom Is aesthetically superior to the more kid friendly,Mattel Doom.While I like Hasbro's overall look,I actually prefer Mattel's head sculpt.

Check out the eyes on the Secret  Wars Doom.While they're not painted,you can still see the outline of  the eyes.I don't remember him having yellow/gold eyes at any point In the comics.Maybe Hasbro was going for the glowing,evil look.I like a more humanized Doom as opposed to a glowing eyed Doom-bot .

Mattel could have gone the extra mile and added a cape to their version.Doom needs a cape!Hasbro takes the cake in that department.But while I have the two with their backs turned ,notice the kick ass jet pack on Secret Wars Doom that doubles as a holster for any one of his two blasters.I like to stash the bigger one back there. 

And that's where the artsy ,fartsy Marvel Universe Doom falls flat on his iron tuckus. Playabilty!He comes weaponless and is unable to hold anything In his pistol gripped right hand.He Is a traffic conductor at best.A shooer. Not to mention the lack of leg poseability due to his skirt getting In the way. 

Secret Wars Dr.Doom,on the other hand,Is totally functional.Two working holsters,two blasters and a balled up fist for back up.If things go sour and Doom has to retreat,then there Is always the jet pack.

Hasbro pulls off the modernized look well,but at a cost.The added articulation Is a plus but could become brittle over time with repeated use.Secret Wars figures do suffer from paint apps that easily rub ,but that's expected from any vintage figure .Even so,you'll hardly ever see  a Mattel Secret Wars figure with any broken limbs( Doc Ock excluded). As far as play-ability and all around fun,Mattel Secret Wars wins hands down.Damn, not bad for a 30 year old figure.


  1. Im pretty fond of the secret wars version myself. I really like the Toy Biz Marvel Super Heroes version from like 1990 also.

    1. Those ToyBiz versions were fun,too.Lots of cool gadgets and gimmicks with solid ,functional sculpts.

  2. If I had a Secret Wars Doom I would have Ray do him up real nice.

    1. He could start by coloring in the eyes and adding a cape.Maybe a little black wash over the boots and gloves.