Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hot Wheels Marvel - Captain America '70 Ford Mustang 2/8

Hot Wheels discount bins are the ultimate eye catcher.Even If you don't dabble In die cast ,there Is no denying the gravitational pull of  a 3 foot high bin overflowing with brightly packaged , multi-colored  metallic  shininess :) I get sucked In all the time,but never pull the trigger on anything.I don't care much for die cast cars.Not the normal ones.Not even souped up,shark shaped ones.It's a different story when It comes to the Marvel themed Hot-Wheels.I always give those a second look whenever I see them on the pegs,but never picked any up because of the 3 dollar price tag most carry.Well,the other day I was out at my local Wal Mart looking for a wireless mouse w/ mouse pad .Upon finding what I was looking for,I begin walking back towards the checkout line , inevitably passing by that sultry  Hot Wheels discount bin. Evil Hot Wheels bin I tell you,pure evil!I didn't expect to find anything In there ,but a dollar bin Is still a dollar bin.I had to give It a quick look see.And what did I see?I see Captain America, Bucky and Black Widow on a   cool vintage cardback!I see cool 70's Mustang with cool red,white and blue deco!I see China I see France...

I won't be going after the whole set,buy I will be on the look out for more pop culture HW's .I checked online and there are a few that are currently on my want list like Luke Cage's 70's Chevy Blazer,Iron Fists 80's El Camino ,Hawkeyes '44 Dodge A100 and Spider-Man's '44 Chevy Nova .Those might be hard to find items,not sure about rarity when It comes to Hot-Wheels .We'll see.I'm having a hard time deciding whether to keep them moc or not .


  1. Man thats so worth it if for no reason other then the fact that the pack is the Jim Steranko cover to issue 111! That is hands down in my top 10 favorite comic covers of all time.

    1. It's an awesome card back,Brother.I just noticed that the bubble has a small crack in it though.I don't care ,i'm leaving It in the packaging.Hopefully I can find the rest that are on my radar.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks buddy!Good luck on your future toy ventures ;)

  3. Definitely,Colin!The Marvel pop culture stuff Is pretty awesome!

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