Friday, March 18, 2016

Trade With Orniphus Plus Some!

Of all the awesome bloggers In this very large and growing  toy community, It's nice to come across one that mirrors you and your collecting habits.I feel I've found that In fellow toy blogger Orniphus of  Coolandunusual.We are both really into the 3 3/4 line of action figures and have similar interests when It comes to wanting to keep things In scale, while not worrying that much about articulation or figure popularity for that matter.Don't get me wrong,I think Orniphus prefers more articulation,like myself,but we can also appreciate a solid military /Marvel/DC figure ,even If It doesn't sport an enormous amount of pose ability.This Is my second trade with Orniphus and It's been nothing but solid returns.I'm In desperate need of some DC In my collection and Orniphus has hooked me up In that department.Hopefully I've solidified his Joe collection In the process.I'll be going over what he sent me sometime tomorrow as I have a pretty busy schedule ahead ,with my youngest starting softball and all. I've also picked up a new Bats Vs. Supes discount 6 inch figure and a Combiner Wars Shockwave that I'll be looking at sometime this weekend or next week.Stay stuned!


  1. I hope some 3.75 batmen hit Mexico..

  2. Looking forward to your thoughts on these. Score on the Shockwave btw, I've messed around with a friends and he's pretty great.

    1. That Shockwave I was really lucky to find.He was a figure I really wanted but never expected to find in the wild.

  3. Nice! Looking forward to seeing them out of the packaging.