Saturday, March 5, 2016

Lanard CORPS! Elite - Mech Suit w/ Troll

You have to give It to Lanard.Right when you think they've shit the bed ,out comes a whole new wave of discount action figure  goodness.I'm sort of late to the party,but luckily my Wal Mart keeps these guys fresh on the pegs daily,enabling me to at least get a couple quick reviews In before they finally leave the stores.I really wanted to pick this set up,not just because of the mech,but for the Troll figure !He's very underrated I think,and Is one of the nicer looking figures out of this new wave.I probably would have passed on the mech suit,actually,had they released a single carded Troll.That's how much I dig the figure.Lets take a look at Troll first and then I'll go over the mech - suit.

According to his bio,Troll was once a member of a group of villains who went by the name Marauders.Apparently,he too was injected with the same nano technology as  Shadow ,enhancing his strength and agility.Here's a link to all the new character bios to get a better understanding of where Lanard went with this wave of figures.

As for the Troll figure,outstanding!The one thing that hurts some of these CORPS! figures are the wide spread legs that give them that awkward  look.Troll's legs are straight up and down without that exaggerated stance.He's a well balanced and per-portioned figure .I love the hooded head sculpt and that mean scowl on his face and  the attention to detail on his  arms.One arm  sports a simple  black watch while the other has an ace bandage   that I can only assume Is where he was injected with the nano-technology.The bandoleer gives Troll an even meaner vibe!If I ever do another Fav 5 post ,he will most certainly be included.The one set back Is that he came without any weapons,so I equipped him with a nice little pick axe!

True,Troll didn't come with any weapons.But he did come with a kick ass mech that literally kicks ass! 

Troll's mech Is pretty cool.Not alot of paint apps and the plastic Is light ,but durable enough.The shoulder cannon Is removable and snaps on and off pretty easily.It doesn't fall off or anything but will detach If you play too roughly with it.You can position It as well,over his shoulder or atop his head/canopy. 

Troll fits snuggly once you snap him into the mechs harness.The harness seems rather sturdy but Id be careful about putting any larger figures in there.The harness will give but I can see kids snapping the arms right off trying to fit bigger waisted figures.

The mech suit has 4 points of articulation,well 5 If you count the working claw.The claw opens and shuts but It's a bit loose.You'll have to kind of angle the arm upwards to hold any figures within it. 

Here are the only three Curse members in my collection as of today.Quick note,Ogre and Troll are brothers according to their bios.Another nice addition to a growing storyline.

Overall,I'm pleased with this set.For the price,you can't beat It.Stay tuned for a follow up post on how other figure lines can be used with the mech suit.


  1. Huh, I wouldn't have guessed that the mech suit was articulated at all, so that's pretty cool to hear.

    1. I was afraid that maybe the legs would be stationary .I'm glad they move!

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    1. Shit the bed,croaked,kicked the bucket....died 😇