Wednesday, March 16, 2016

DC Infinite Heroes - Batman (Public Enemies)

 DC Multiverse has been churning out a nice amount of Batman figures,from video game renditions to cartoon and movie versions.They're good figures,but none of them really appealed to me.The only real winner,for me anyways,was the Michael Keaton  movie Batman ,but that's about It.Up to this point,the Michael Keaton figure was the only ,well articulated ,Batman figure I owned ,but I could never incorporate him  into pics with newer ,modernized villains. It's kind of like putting my MU series 1 Iron Man to battle It out against the Avengers movie version of  Ultron. It just wouldn't look right.I needed a universal Batman figure.One that would fit In pretty much any universe and not look so  out of place In the process.I took to Ebay to find just that,and thought I was successful In finding that Goldilocks Batman figure.Enter Infinite Heroes Public Enemies Batman.

Infinite Heroes was DC's answer to  Marvel Universe,or vice versa.It's a line with a ton of  DC characters released In the 3 3/4 scale.While not as articulated as Marvel Universe,they were for the most part articulated ,enough.The figures were also a little vertically challenged.They  were always way too expensive on line,especially the Superman and Batman figures,and because of their smaller looking sculpts,I didn't really buy into them,although I really liked their overall design and look.I always dug the Batman from the line but hated that he was always selling  anywhere from 12 to 15 bucks on Ebay. Then I stumbled across this re-release ,re-tooled Infinite Heroes Batman.He originally came packaged with a re-tooled Captain Atom and a standard Black Lightning.This version of Batman had  somewhat the same sculpt as the original only with added leg/hip articulation.He was also alot cheaper than the original Infinite Heroes Batman ,about 8 bucks loose Is all I paid.In fact,the Public Enemies  set (Captain Atom,Batman,Black Lightning)can be had for about 20 bucks on Ebay If you search hard enough.

I thought that the added articulation would have added a little bit of height to this version ,but sadly I was mistaken.I still love this figure to death,but as you can see In the comparison shots below,Public Enemies Batman,while a nice upgrade over the original, still falls short,literally.

Don't get me wrong,this Is an  awesome Batman figure!I just wish he'd been a little taller. So,no Goldilocks here,but close enough.