Sunday, February 7, 2016

Transformers Mashers - Soundwave

Transformers Mashers have grown on me thanks to Orniphus over at Coolandunusual. Immediately after selling off a couple of figures on eBay I went out and picked up a Megatron and Soundwave Masher,and I love them both!They're fun action figures.Not all of the TF Mashers are G1 accurate, but  Optimus (he's next on my list),Megatron and Soundwave certainly are.Below we have the busy Masher box and Soundwave In his plastic tray.

My one gripe,and it's a pretty big one is the complete omission of  a  Decepticon symbol.Not cool,man,not cool :(

Soundwave comes with lots of cool weapons and an extra arm that belongs to Sideswipe.

Overall,a great figure and rendition of  one of the most iconic characters In  Transformers 


  1. Cool. Although the lack of the Decepticon symbol would be driving me crazy.

    1. I know it :( I 'll just pretend he's in stealth mode hence that last pic with Zartan ;)

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  2. He's very true to the G1 character, great pick up.

  3. Replies
    1. He's a charming lil fellow.BTW- When I checked back for those mini Batman/Wonder Woman figs,they were all gone,lol!Scalpers must have had at them!