Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Transformers Mashers - Megatron

Like I stated In my last post,I'm not a big fan of the whole masher movement,but I think the gimmick makes most sense with the Transformers.While not all the figures in the Transformers Mashers line are aesthetically pleasing ,some are.Particularly the ones In the deluxe sets.Those come with alot of  extra chowder to attach to your figure to give them an overall better appearance.Hence the reason why I snagged up Megatron.

I love the bright packaging.It has a comic book feel to It with speech bubbles and dialouge boxes throughout the front and back.

Nothing brings me back like popping an action figure out of his plastic tray. 

Megatron Masher looks good on his own,sans weapons or attachments.Hasbro does a great job of capturing his G1 appearance.

Now,the fun begins!Megatron Masher comes with his trademark arm cannon that really shoots.He also comes with  pair of leg thrusts,back pack with shoulder cannon,replaceable left hand and some spare parts that belong to Decepticon Skywarp.It would be cool If this was like a build-a-figure gimmick where collecting all the deluxe sets would build you a Skywarp figure.The nice thing about these accessories  Is that you can place them pretty much anywhere you want on the figure.I was even able to place his back pack Into his foot peg holes to transform Megs into his alt. gun mode! 

I plan on having Soundwave man the cannon!

Megatron Masher In gun mode!

Megatron Masher Is a bit pricey online and in most department stores,but If your lucky,Big Lots has them for about 10 bucks each. 


  1. He's actually pretty awesome,John. Alot of fun,too!

  2. Very cool, I really do like them. These larger sets really offer a good deal more in terms of accessories, it would have been cool alright if one could build a Skywarp from the various deluxe packs, a bit more incentive to catch em all.

    1. Yeah and since i'm not going to be doing much mixing and matching with them ,the spare Skywarp parts will go unused for the most part.