Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Marvel Titan Heroes - Sandman

When I saw Sandman hanging on the pegs at my local Wal - Mart going for a mere $8.98,I wasn't about to pass him up.He seemed to be one of the more expensive figures online and I knew If I didn't pick him up now,at retail price,then I would probably miss out on him.I didn't expect much from the figure ,as we all know Titan Heroes have limited articulation.So man, was I surprised   to find out that Sandman actually had hinged arms and legs ,allowing for outward extension as well as the normal back and forth articulation.I would have been pleased with the usual Titan Heroes sculpt and articulation so this was a pleasant surprise.You don't see many reviews or vids on these guys because , frankly,they're not popular. But I like them!If you don't want to burn a hole In your pocket and would like to  pick up a larger than life,brightly colored ,awesome Marvel action figure to make your display pop,then look no further than Marvel's Titan Heroes!Not only are they great to look at,but they're also fun to play with.There Is something satisfying about swinging those giant plastic arms ,twisting king sized  swivel wrists and turning big ol'  action figure head sculpts! Who doesn't love a chunky action figure ?They also make for great picture taking.They obviously dwarf Marvel Universe figures ,but look awesome when paired together.Oh the endless possibilities and play scenarios!Have your 3 3/4 Doom figure  blast your 3 3/4 Sandman with a growth ray and watch him duke It out with teenie-tiny Spiderman!Seriously,for the price,Marvel Titan Heroes are totally worth It!


  1. We have all of the Titan guys down here. But not him. Wow.

  2. They're great figures.Underated I think.

  3. The extra articulation really adds to him.

    1. It makes It alot more fun to play with.