Sunday, February 21, 2016

Falcon Reborn!

It was bugging the crap out of me that this amazing Titan Hero Falcon figure Derek sent over was In my toy stash dinged up.He had warned me about the small nicks It had on his chest and I told him I'd try to fix them myself.So much for that because I failed miserably.Well,over the weekend I must have channeled Hobby's repro man ,Rey, and touched up my saddy Falcon figure with some white nail polish ,and It came out half way decent.I couldn't stand seeing him In my drawer anymore,Falcon needed to fly!


  1. Nice work Tony, looks good as new!

  2. Thanks D!I recently picked up another Titan Hero fig so I felt compelled to fix up Falcon.Now I can beef up my Titan Hero shelve.

    1. Oh? Look forward to seeing which one you got.

  3. Nice work on the touch up painting!