Saturday, January 16, 2016

Transformers Age Of Extinction - Crosshairs

I have to admit to not liking TF's Age of Extinction,at all.I would give you a detailed rant but can't due to the films schizophrenic pace.It was all just a bit too much for me ,except for the one bright spot,Crosshairs!Aside from Bumblebee,he might be my favorite Autobot of the 4  TF films.Here,let me explain why  ....

You can't get anymore bad ass than that.So when I found Crosshairs sitting towards the bottom of the box  Derek  sent me ,I was pretty excited.Ever since Dark of the Moon,I haven't been keeping up with the toys ,so while I knew Age of Extinction figures existed ,I never paid them any mind.I'm still not impressed with any of the line ,but Crosshairs Is the diamond In the rough.I wondered how  Hasbro  would pull off his trench coat ,In fact I'm not even sure how Michael Bay pulled It off In the film,but  surprisingly enough both made It work.

The car mode Is sharp ,and fits together nicely.Some TF movie figures suffer from pieces not clicking correctly into place leaving gaps In their vehicle modes. Crosshairs car mode  doesn't.

Prior to transforming the figure ,I had no knowledge of It at all.I hadn't seen any reviews on It and didn't know what to expect from It  In robot mode. Fortunately ,Crosshairs didn't disappoint! 

I was a bit worried that I wouldn't have any weapons for Crosshairs to carry as I didn't see any In the plastic baggie Derek placed him In.I didn't realize that he was packing underneath his trench coat! 

I wanted to display Crosshairs with my Dark of the Moon figures,but didn't like the way he looked with them.Frankly,he outshines them.Even with the modern trench coat look,Crosshairs still has a G1 feel to him.Most of these modern TF movie figures suffer from horrible head sculpts that try too hard to give them a human-like appearance. Luckily,Crosshairs  doesn't suffer from any of that.My only gripe Is the lack of a pronounced faction symbol in robot mode,but other than that Crosshairs Is a winner.


  1. Looking good Tony, he looks good and the transformation isn't as convoluted as the toys from the other movies. I saw the TFs on your shelf and thought he'd suit your collection. I didn't think much of the movie, I don't remember a whole lot about it.

  2. I love em D!I tried posing him next to my DOTM Wreckers but he outclassed them.I've got him on guard duty ,in front of my ps1 games .