Sunday, December 13, 2015

My Top 10 Action Figure / Animal Sidekick Combinations

10.Spearhead And Max - Spearhead and his trusty bobcat Max were released right around the time I began to loose interest in Joe collecting.But it was figures like this that made it hard for me to give up on playing with toys.

 9.Perseus & Pegasus - When Clash came out,I was still a wee lad.A few of my older cousins had the figures and I remember always wanting some. Kraken stands out the most  whenever the toy line gets mentioned,but Pegasus had the distinction of coming with Perseus. Remember how cool Lone Ranger's Silver was?Well,Pegasus was Silver with wings!

8.G.I. Joe ARAH  Croc Master -  In the late 80's,G.I. Joe  flew off the shelves.I have to believe that the addition of animal counterparts had alot to do with that .Croc Master was beyond bad ass!This figure was In high demand , mainly because of his pet Crocodile. Hasbro knew how to keep things interesting for the kids . 

7.The Lone Ranger W/ Silver -  This line came out around the time Clash Of The Titans did.In fact,those same relatives of mine who had all the Clash figures had this too.

6. General Spidrax W/ Spider Flyer - Now this I had !I never got to hit up Toys R Us much  as a kid because of how out of the way It was.One birthday In particular stands out because my parents surprised me with a trip down to  TRU  to let me pick out a couple of things!Spidrax and Spider Flyer happened to be one of my choices. The flying spider was actually a glove and the wings were motorized.General Spydrax has to be the single most menacing ,evil looking villain In toy history.This line of figures released by Coleco Is extremely underrated.    

5.Skeletor W/ Panthor - What made Skeletors purple pet kitty so cool ,besides the fact that he was a purple kitty,was the suede like fabric it was made out of. 

4. G.I Joe ARAH  Mutt W/Junkyard - Bad ass ,scarred dog handler armed with an Uzi and a pet Rottweiler always beats a single carded pet-less Joe figure. Joes with pets were always a priority with me.       

3.Transformers Soundave W/ Buzzsaw - Soundwave easily cracked the top 3  In this list with his pet Buzzsaw,a condor that transforms into a cassette tape.I was never fortunate enough to own Soundwave as a kid.In fact I didn't have many Transformers, period. They were far too expensive. 

2.He-Man W/ Battlecat -  This was the toy to have If you grew up In the early 80's , like alot of us toy bloggers did.Nothing draws your attention more than a muscle bound warrior packaged together with  an armor clad , yellow and green Tiger!Every kid wanted this under their tree come X-Mas morning.

1.G.I. Joe ARAH - Snake Eyes W/ Timber - Coming In at  # 1 ,we have Snake Eyes and Timber!Here we had two equally dangerous customers.On their own ,both would have no trouble braving any kind of element and  coming out of any survival situation alive.Together they are  a force to be reckoned with.Of all the animals In the Joe universe,Timber and Junkyard got the most  exposure in the cartoon series.