Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Figures That I Was Lucky Enough To Find In The Wild - G.I. Joe POC Low Light

When The Pursuit Of Cobra line of G.I. Joe released back In 2010,they dominated the toy aisles.At least for me they did.My eyes would look past anything else on the pegs and lead me directly to the Joe section.There were lots of different figures to choose from,including Low Light.I picked him up for about 8 bucks at Wal-Mart ,not knowing that today he'd be selling anywhere from 20 to 40 dollars,loose and carded,on Ebay and Amazon.They have re-released a Low Light figure for the latest,50th Ann. line ,but with a different shoulder logo that I'm really not too fond of.While I'm not crazy about  a G.I. Joe faction symbol period ,I prefer the POC black flag/star logo over the new energy star like symbol on the 50th Ann. stuff.


  1. I picked up the 50th version, not too troubled by the star on his shoulder, some nail polish remover and patience could take it off if I was driven to it. Love all his accessories and the sculpting all round is very sharp. It'd have been nice to get the PoC version, but I'm just happy to have him.

  2. It's still basically the same figure as the POC version.If I didn't have the POC I would have jumped on the 50th version,too.They are both great figures,but like I said,I would prefer no symbol at all as vintage Joes never had one.

  3. Excellent figure! I lucked up and found him in the wild as well. Two actually. Made a nice profit on the 'bay for the other.

    1. Congrats on the lucrative flip!This guy's stood the test of time In my collection but If ever I'm In a bind,It may help out In the clutch.