Monday, October 26, 2015

Star Wars POF- Bespin Luke Skywalker

I kind of painted myself Into a corner when I began  to try and build a Star Wars collection.I started with the Vintage Collection because of the articulation and likeness to their movie counterparts.I managed to snag up most of the major characters like Vader,Han and Fett.To fill In I picked up some Saga Legends figures like X-Wing Fighter Pilot Luke ,Yoda ,R2 and Chewbacca. Unfortunately,the Lukes I really wanted ,Bespin and Jedi Luke,were a bit too pricey for my tastes.After watching a couple Tee-Bizz vids on his Youtube channel ,I learned about a Star Wars line called Power Of The Force.John over at also got me into this awesome ,affordable line.Lots of collectors have ventured down this path ,opting for these figures instead of the new,lesser articulated The Force Awakens figures.I wasn't interested In either actually,just a couple figures to fill my small collection.Power Of The Force had just what I was looking for.Cheap,affordable supporting cast members.At first I was afraid that the Luke figure would tower over the Vintage Collection figures,and he does,but not to a horrible fault.Yeah, he stands taller than my Han figure ,but not by that much (even though Han was much taller than Luke In the film).And next to Vader,R2 and the other figs ,POTF Bespin Luke fits right In.He looks great on display and sports two extra points of articulation at the waist and wrist.I was also able to snag up a desperately needed C3PO for my R2 ,so stay tuned for that review.



  1. I was surprised how close in height the POTF2 figures were. In hand, they look so much larger than the vintage line. But, put them side by side, and they're actually right around the same size. I wonder if the added detail makes them look bigger than they really are.

    1. I think If your looking for cheap alien fillers,POTF is your best bet.You'll pay triple the amount for a Vintage collection Bossk then you will for the POTF version.