Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I Think I'm done With Blogging ,At least For The Time Being

I'm going to be deleting my blog soon.I may make the jump over to instagram or something just to simplify things a bit.Thanks to everybody on my blog roll for keeping me busy with loads of great stuff to read and look at.I'll still be over at Google Plus posting pics of everything from toys to baseball cards,so definitely check that out If you'd like.I've made some great relationships with other fellow toy bloggers -John,Derek,Matt ,Chris ,Colin,Combo and Buzzchuck to name a few.Oh,I can't forget Brother midnight whom I had the pleasure of  sharing Marvel Universe fever with a short time back ,not to mention the fact that I think we're both still hung over from that horrid Hasbro binge ,lol!Those who still have my E-Mail add can reach me there and like I said ,I'll still be on Google Plus ,so see you guys there.


  1. Why delete it? Just leave it up. I enjoy looking back at old posts once in a while.

  2. Unfortunately,that ship has sailed.I already deleted all of my older posts :( Just felt like I needed a new ,fresh start.I'm leaving this post up for a while just to give people the heads up.I'm kind of digging the look of It though.Maybe I'll start up a new Blogger blog,don't know yet.