Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This Just Happened!

With my villains already having a place (Castle Doom) to kick back and unwind ,I really needed a way to set off my hero display. What better way to do that than with the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier!

This Is how It comes in the box,tied down with the included instructions,decals and Captain America action figure.Putting this  together Is a snap.Literally.The pieces snap together effortlessly yet hold tight once connected.

Here It Is assembled with decals.This thing Is big.Not to scale,though.Not even close.But seriously,had It been In scale  ,I would probably have to remove my bed in order for It to fit In the room.This Is no U.S.S. Flag ,but It works.As a display piece,you get all the aesthetics.As a kid,I probably would have liked to see more play features added.I'll go over those next.

Of the 7 guns that the carrier Is armed with,only 5  shoot missiles.the two cannons that stick out of the front part of the carrier look cool but don't have any kind of working features.The crane towards the back rotates but that's about It.No working string to pull up life boats and no up and down movement.It just rotates.Again,not a big deal for me but for a kid It might be.The side turret Is pretty cool looking.It has a seat that fits all Marvel Universe figures and some cool control panel decals.You can move It up and down,but only slightly because of  the back fan  getting In the way.Also,no rotation.Aesthetically cool,limited functionality.

As a kid ,I loved opening hatches to reveal little areas where I could place my figures In.The carrier only has two  ,but they are pretty spacious.   

You could easily fit two figures In the larger cockpit  If you wanted to.

The main cockpit Is also large enough to fit any sized MU figure.  

You also have the option of placing a figure In the seat of the  gun turret .

The hull of the carrier has small ,hatch accessible compartments.While they're really just maintenance points with cogs, gears and other sculpted -in mechanical parts,you could always use them  to place spare weapons In.

The trap door seems like something I would have had  alot of fun with as a kid.Even though most Marvel characters fly ,someone like the Wrecker would have no chance should this little mechanism open up under him. 

As far back as I can remember ,G.I. Joe vehicles and playsets always had pegs to place figures on and I just loved that!I was happy to find some along the sides of the hull.Some are a little tough to get at,though,when trying to place a figure on them.But once you do,they fit decent enough. There are 10 pegs In all.

I would love to pick up a Quinjet at some point,but for now this Cobra Hydra will make a good  substitute to convey scale.

As you can see,It fits nicely.Definitely need to pick up a Quinjet now.

The Marvel Universe S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Is a nice set.It Is made out of durable plastic and fits together nicely when assembling.It's not to scale but still large enough to function as a helicarrier. You can fits lots of figures on,In and around It .  It's also pretty light and comes apart so If you ever feel like you might want to sell It off at some point,shipping won't be a pain.I found this for under 40 bucks which Isn't bad considering the retail price of 70 dollars.Is It worth 70 bucks?No.Anything under 50,yes.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Recent Acquisitions + Swiffer Box Dio Touch Ups!

Like I stated In my last post,Wal Mart has Star Wars Black Series 3 3/4 figures on sale for about $5 bucks a piece!While  most are from the new film there are  a couple of ROTJ based figures to be had.I snagged up the two I needed most,Jedi Luke and Lando!

Also,digging around Inside my junk drawer I found 4 stands for one of our  smart TV's.We don't use the stands so I decided to go over two of them with some white paint and use them on my Star Wars winter scene dio. They fit perfectly inside of the round insets. 

And now that I  finally have a Jedi Luke figure ,I went ahead and painted up a spare Swiffer box I had laying around all black.  

Added two of those TV stands ,unpainted and now I have a dio for my Vader and Jedi Luke figures.I have since added a battery operated touch light and will have pics of the completed dio shortly.  

But seriously,If your late to the articulated Star Wars figure scene and would like to start from scratch,the Black Series would be the way to go.I was lucky enough to snag up some of the Vintage Collection figures  back In the day but still need lots of fillers.Jedi Luke,Lando and Admiral Akbar are all available In this Black Series line and would be a great start off point for those looking to collect updated versions of  figures based on the first few films.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sale On Star Wars Black Series 3 3/4" !

Not sure If you guys know  but Wal-Mart has a sale on all Star Wars Black Series 3 3/4" figures!I picked up this First Order Stormtrooper for  $5.41 a couple  days back.My Wal Mart had them all at $5.41,your store may differ.This Is a good time to snag up some fillers for your 3 3/4" SW collection.