Monday, November 28, 2016

There's a Sale at Penney's!

I'll never forget the great purge of G.I. Joe ROC movie merchandise!They were literally passing these boxes out at the door ,where there were tons more stacked on top of each other just waiting to not be purchased.I say that because I'm pretty sure kids weren't interested  In these at the time.Only slow footed adult toy collectors knew what these toys were all about and the value that came with them.I picked up both of these at 5 bucks a piece!Not too shabby considering both came with an action figure pilot.These two sit at the bottom of my shelving unit collecting dust with the only other two vehicles I own.They're still pretty damn neat and every now and again I'll pick up the Hydra and fly It around my room while making swooshing sounds.I still love my Gunship,too,!

Can you spot Timber?

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

G.I. Joe Arashikage Clash - Snake Eyes

For those of you who don't know about one of ,If not the coolest Snake Eyes figure ever to be released ,do your homework on The Pursuit of Cobra Ninja Commando Snake Eyes.The figure I'm posting about today Is the reissue.Of course this doesn't fall under the "reissues" that mimic vintage figure designs.This Is essentially a reissue of a contemporary action figure. So no,I don't have a problem with that.Funny story though.I used to have the first release of this figure and loved It to death.It was by far my second favorite Snake Eyes figure ever.The first one being v.2 vintage Snake Eyes.I also remember trading It away.I didn't think It would be difficult for me to find another one  If I ever wanted to pick one up again down the road.Yeah right.GI Joe  POC figures pretty much disappeared from store  shelves ,never to be seen again.I don't remember any of them going on clearance either.Man!I was shit out of luck.Not to mention the fact that scalper prices on eBay for them were ridiculous.Even today that POC Ninja Commando Snake Eyes is selling for about 40 bucks MOC. Crazy!Luckily,Hasbro decided to drop a two pack on us. Arashikage Clash!Included is another highly sought after figure, v.41 Storm Shadow.You've probably seen them everywhere online.I was able to finally pick up another v.54 Snake Eyes ,although something about It seems off.I don't know  what It Is exactly but something about the quality seems odd.The sculpt Is there and so are all of the accessories including an extra head sculpt ,but the figure seems a bit light to me.Almost like they used a cheaper quality plastic.Maybe I'm wrong about this.Maybe I shouldn't dwell on It for  too long because overall,this Is still an amazing looking figure.Not only that but I now have an alternate head for my v.67 Retaliation Snake Eyes.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Gee ,Thanks!

It’s the season to be thankful.

Firstly,lets get the obvious out of the way.Of course I'm thankful for my fam and the kids and all that other mushy good stuff.But I'm going to keep this pop culture related.What am I most thankful for as far as childhood brainwashing agents go?Hint- It's a cartoon character. Hint 2 - He is the reason I began collecting action figures again. Hint 3 - Look at the picture below. 

          What made me want to start collecting action figures as an adult you ask?Easy.Snake Eyes.And even though I had picked up a few vintage Joes before him,Snake Eyes  was always the one I wanted.So there I was ,an adult about to make my childhood dream of obtaining a Snake Eyes figure finally come true!Snake Eyes w/ Timber V.2,released In 1985 would be the first of It's kind to make It onto my, then scant, vintage action figure display. And there would be more after....

Once I  had my fair share of G.I. Joe vintage goodness,It was time to make the jump over to the contemporary stuff. Marvel Universe was out at the the time and so was the 25th Anniversary Joe stuff but I wasn't feeling them.They were everywhere and on clearance ,too,which made me second guess their quality.I thought,there had to be something wrong with these figures for them to be selling for less than 3 bucks a piece at a Marshalls clothing store.I stupidly passed on them ,and waited to see If there were going to be any Snake Eyes figures released for the line.It turns out there was,but I had missed the boat ,so I would have to wait for the new line of Joes to hit the shelves If I wanted to get my hands on any modern ,plastic incarnations of Snake Eyes.Luckily ,an incredibly sucky film was on the horizon,and with It a slew of new G.I. Joe action figures.Rise of Cobra Joes were everywhere but I wasn't really feeling those either.Especially the movie version of  Snake Eyes with the over sized head and creepy mouth sculpted onto the head sculpt. Plus,he didn't come with Timber.Then ,In 2010 ,Pursuit of Cobra happened.The Pursuit of Cobra line of Joe figures has gained a bit of a cult following.It set a precedent for contemporary action figures with It's amazing figure sculpts and designs.Not to mention the sheer amount of  accessories each figure came with.Then there was Desert Battle  Snake Eyes!This would be my  first contemporary Snake Eyes figure.A mainstay In my action figure  collection.

Hasbro decided to keep the ball rolling with their Pursuit of Cobra line by releasing a few more  waves  of awesomely detailed and accessorized figures.Wave 3 gave birth to what might be the best contemporary Snake Eyes action  figure ever.Even though this versions card back also has him listed as Dessert Battle Snake Eyes ,most collectors refer to this Snake Eyes as Commando or Ninja Commando Snake Eyes because of the awesome commando styled  head sculpt he came with.I had traded away my original POC Snakes but was able to snag up this re-released  version for less than half of  what the original Is selling for on ebay today.Just an amazing action figure!Different quality,though.I'll get into that some other time.

Even though this next version of Snake Eyes released before the POC line did,I didn't pick him up until after .Rise of Cobra Rescue Mission Snake Eyes!Alot of people slept on this version of Snakes mostly because It wasn't released individually.He was part of a Rescue Mission set that included Duke and a couple of  Cobra vipers.This version,Imo,Is the second best looking  contemporary Snake Eyes figure .Sleek,all black and well proportioned.Also,the way his sheath clips on to his lower back Is pretty sick.Not the first Snake Eyes figure to feature that,but the best implementation when coupled with the all black color scheme.I'm also a huge fan of the bad ass head sculpt.

I'll end things off with 2 of my lesser favs. G.I. Joe Retaliation film based figures were out way before the actual  movie due to the delayed release date.The first Snake Eyes figure from that wave wasn't the best but I had high hopes for the second,Ninja Duel Snake Eyes.This one was movie accurate,but not a great figure.The hands are a bit big for the body and the feet too small.I love the design ,costume and head sculpt ,but overall It seems a little dis-proportioned. 

Hasbro would come through,though,releasing a wave of Retaliation figures that paid homage to the original designs of the Joes we all grew up with.I was thrilled to see them in pics online.Snake Eyes seemed to be a perfect 10 ,in the pictures.Unfortunately,Hasbro made the decision to go with the Ninja Duel head sculpt  for the classic Snake Eyes figure.WHY?!?What could have been a perfect 10 Is now a solid 6  in my book.The body sculpt with web gear are exactly like the Snake Eyes we grew up watching in the cartoons.So why not follow through and hit the homerun by giving him the right head sculpt?I'll never know.It's still one of the nicer modern Snake Eyes figures but could have been perfect. Gee ,thanks!

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Custom Unmasked Snake Eyes

Everybody's tried this one before.Mine will be different because of the brown hair.I had no choice,no yellow paint.Even still,I kinda like a brown haired Snake Eyes.Too many blond Joes. Duke,Rock And Roll,Short Fuze,Beach Head and Low Light just to name a few.That's my justification.What do you guys think?The head's a tad big and I was thinking about whiting out his pupil on the damaged side of his face.

"Look away,baby look away...."

Here's another custom  look.This Is his "awe fuck It,I'm going balls out and  maskless" look.I would imagine this to be a future Snakes that has coped with his facial flaw and has taken on a Punisher - like vigilante roll. 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

IDW Revolution

I think the last time I bought a comic book ,a contemporary comic book with some sort of relevancy,Ronald Reagan  was president.I came close to picking up the new Secret Wars series that released in 2015.Oh ,and the new DC 52 stuff ,too.But I never pulled the trigger on either.I had been out of the loop for so long.Couple that with the 4 dollar price tag per comic and the only thing they got out of me was a disinterested "Nah,I'll pass." Now,recently I had been hearing talk about a merger of popular 80's toy franchises ,coming together for a big screen debut.MASK,G.I. Joe ,Transformers,Micronauts, ROM and I believe Visionaries made the cut as well.This literally blew the drawers off  of me!This Is something I have been wanting to happen since I began collecting action figures.In fact one of the reasons why I started to collect 3 3/4 was because so many different lines/characters were available ,and I would be able to mix and match my figures like never before!I have always wanted to see G.I. Joe and Transformers together on the big screen.As far as the movie goes,I'm not sure when they plan on releasing  or If they are going to  release It at all.Then I found out about IDW's Revolution.Hence,my very first set of comic books,delivered!

Nicely packaged and It only took a month for them to arrive.I still gave the seller positive feedback seeing as how everything arrived well wrapped and  In great shape .

Things got hectic quickly when browsing online for these books because of  all the different covers.I guess these are considered variants (please forgive my comic noobness).I didn't realize this at first though.I went for the coolest looking number 1 issue,imo,  (sub cover d) Scarlett and Optimus !All of the (sub cover -d's) have different pairings of action figures on the cover. 

Issue number 2  (sub cover b) has a bunch of different characters relevant to the comic apparently running towards something?The bathroom maybe?

Here's the rundown on what you can expect within the pages of  Revolution!I haven't read these yet ,but I'm excited.The cool thing Is that there are only 5 issues .I'm guessing there will be  spin offs  of all the participating franchises. I've got issue number 3 and 4 on the way  and I don't think 5 Is out yet.Will this give me the push I needed to start collecting again?Maybe so,maybe no.At the very least I got a post out of It ;)

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Marvel Universe - Psylocke

During my childhood comic book phase,Jim Lee's  X-Men was  prevalent In my collection.Man,I loved that series of books.I must admit,the women of X-Men were some of my first comic book crushes.Nobody drew Jean Grey and Psylocke better than Jim Lee.I was never huge on other female comic book characters.She -Hulk ,Invisible Woman,Tigra ,they were cool but  nothing like Rogue,Storm,Psylocke and Jean Grey.There was this extra toughness about them.That Jim  Lee era was my favorite ,period.This,however,Is not a Jim Lee inspired Psylocke figure.Even so,It's still a pretty amazing sculpt.

Here's what my current X-Men team looks like.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Marvel Infinite Series - Wonder Man (Variant)

So much for the different colored backgrounds and light box experiment.I'm going back to pics on the shelf.The box was really beginning to be a pain in the ass.I didn't have any place to store It and backgrounds were beginning to scatter.Just one big fail :( Oh well.To the figure...

Everyone has pretty much been a part of the Avengers at one point or another. Wonder Man Is a character who was a regular  In the 80's Avengers comics I used to own as a kid. He was a bit of a vein ,aspiring actor type,but was also pretty damn powerful when It came to throwing down .I always liked him because of that.This wasn't the version of  Simon Williams I wanted,but seeing as how the original MU Wonder Man Is going for big bucks on eBay,I'll have to settle for this one. It's not a horrible figure at all.You can call this his "ionic energy" variant but to me It's just a pissed off version of Wonder Man.It's always better  to avoid crossing  paths with somebody when they're pissed off .A translucent,purplish hue with red glowing eyes Is always a good indicator.     

As you can see here,the translucent plastic looks pretty dope.  

Here's Wondies brother Eric Williams.

With all the different heroes that have joined the ranks of the Avengers over the years,these are the ones I can identify with the most.Actually,you can throw Vision,Hercules and Black Knight into that list as well.All figures that I have to track down at one point or another.   

Monday, November 14, 2016

Future Collectibles

What will be the hot collectible in 2046

I think drones will be In full swing and the popular contemporary collectible.They'll be smaller ,customize -able and  more affordable.In fact they'll probably replace phones altogether. As for the future nostalgists ,pretty  much anything popular with the kids now will be popular for them as collectors  In 2046.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

New Edition!

Ooops,I'm sorry. I meant new additions.

Recently I was able to sell off some more of my baseball cards to fortify  my  Marvel Universe collection.Wonder Man will be a place holder and Psylocke will be a mainstay.Although I think I'll give  her power flow accessory to Wonder Man.Cool It now,I'll have loose pics of both figures up within the next couple of days.Shit,maybe even tonight If I get extremely bored.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Red State/Blue State

Snap a red and/or blue themed photo

I literally had to kick myself In the ass this morning to muster up some  motivation for this post.I hate taking my figures off of display for group shots like this but I figured the shelves need a good resetting anyways. I'm going with a predominantly blue theme.

Some oddball blue inspired items!

I know,California Raisins are purple,but check out those kicks!

Blue figures that didn't make the group shot.Timber obviously has the art of photobombing mastered.  

Dracs skillfully unfurls his cape to block Timber out of this shot. 

And last but not least,my stinky coffee mug.Steve Rogers clearly doesn't like what he sees.