Thursday, July 28, 2016

80's Bootleg Wrestling Champs - Hulk Hogan

Lots of kids had this Hogan back In the day.You were sure to find this in your friends toy box ,somewhere stashed underneath a pile of other toys that didn't get as much playtime.I'd like to track down a belt for him to rock.To me,Hulk Hogan was,and still Is In my opinion  the Michael  Jordan of Wrestling.He went through his ups and downs with allegiances,but he was always the quintessential leader.He never quit,and when he got that second wind and put his hand to his ear,the crowd would totally loose It!This figure is an awesome representation of the Hulkster,in my opinion.

Monday, July 25, 2016

80's Bootleg Wrestling Champs - Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka

If your were an 80's kid,then you know how popular WWF wrestling was.The cast of characters was a diverse one,and there was a hero or villain  for everyone to latch onto .I liked the more acrobatic fighters ,like Ricky The Dragon Steamboat and Jimmy Superfly Snuka. Of course guys like George The Animal Steele ,Andre The Giant,Hulk Hogan and Hacksaw Jim Duggan were sentimental favorites ,but there was something cool about watching Jimmy Snuka climb up to the top rope ,throw up his hand signs and drop down on top of his opponent.As a kid I would have loved to have an articulated WWF action figure.I was never a big fan of the big LJN rubber figures. Remco's AWA figures and Wrestling Champs bootlegs was the closest you were gonna get to an articulated wrestling action figure.Remcos AWA figures were nicely made and solid,but AWA wasn't WWF.I can't remember where It was,Chuck E Cheese maybe,when I first laid eyes on these little bootlegged Wrestling Champs line of figures.I remember seeing a Hulk Hogan and this very same Snuka figure  hanging against the wall of winnable prizes.You were going to need to have some serious ski ball skills to bring one of them home. I knew they weren't legit but heck,you could move them around at the waist and raise their arms for a little body slam action! And they looked like WWF wrestlers.At least the Hogan and Snuka did.I'm pretty sure I had the Snuka as a kid but I never got to find a Hogan.Luckily,over the weekend I was able to track down both on eBay .The Hogan figure I found loose and the Snuka came to me with the card back and detached blister.These figures bring back all kinds of good memories.As kids,we knew how awesomely sucky these figures were  but still respected the fact that at least they resembled some of our WWF favorites.And for bootlegs they're surprisingly bulky and solid!There are only 4 points of articulation but that was enough to get some good wrestling poses out of them.I love these little guys and would welcome more into my collection In a heartbeat.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Trade Package From Brother Midnight!

These last couple of days have been sweltering to say the least.I hate to complain about the heat  because In the winter time,I'm the first one to curse the cold weather and pray for  summer to finally kick in.Well,not only has summer kicked In,but It's also punching,scratching ,biting and beating everybody's ass up here In the north east.Also, it seems my grass is refusing to grow and even If It did ,I'm really not in the mood to do any kind of landscaping,whatsoever. I refuse to go outside.Besides,Brother Midnight,co creator of the awesomest action figure forum In town,    Toy Disorderly  and author of  Green Plastic Squirt Gun has sent me an amazing trade package packed with retro goodness,and so It looks like I'll be a recluse these next couple of days .Brother Midnight has become a regular trade partner over the years and I couldn't appreciate him more.He's helped me fill out my retro toy shelves on more than one occasion,If not by  trade then by purchasing  action figure lots from me on eBay.So ,In a heavy latino accent I'm going to say -eesa goo guy,a preedy goo guy!Check out the greatness below.

Initially,the trade was going to be straight up,G.I. Joe AWE Striker for a Kenner Snare Arm Swamp Thing figure.The fact that he threw In the variants blew my mind!I never got to try out their gimmicks as a kid but now I is. Brother must have read some of my posts on how I wanted to add a little MUSCLE to my collection and he sent along two.I've been kicking myself for getting rid of some Cali Raisins a while back,now I can start collecting them again.Anybody out there reading this ,If you've got any extra California Raisins to pass on,I want them!The MOTU figures and the   Ghostbusters   Dracula will all come In handy.I already have a Man-E-Faces but It's not in as good a shape as the one Brother sent me.If anybody needs a Man-E-Faces,let me know :) It took me a minute to figure out that the robotic arm belonged to Roboto.It was a neat little easter egg to crack. The one figure that has me stumped Is the small medieval alien.I think It may be Chap Mei.I've been meaning to get into that line as well.Overall,just a great package ,Brother,thanks!This will keep my brain stimulated over the next couple of days as I try to fit these guys Into my display,one way or another. 


Just found out that the one Swamp Thing changes color under cold water. Off to the sink now to test It!     

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Castle Doom Accessories Cont.

I felt like Doom needed to put a stamp on his new stomping grounds ,so I went ahead and had some  wallet size copies  made of his logo and portrait.They're small touches but I like It.I didn't want to glue or tape anything in  place ,though,as I may want to use this castle In the future for my Joes and other 3 3/4 figures.I've already got some other things In mind so stay tuned .

Friday, July 22, 2016

Dollar Tree Accessories

Picked up a couple of Dollar Tree extras to add to my Fisher Price Castle Doom !The one set I already had but sent It over to Orniphus as extras in a trade package.I really like the cannon that It came with so I had to reacquire It .The wrestling set I snagged up for the ladder.How else are Doom's team of baddies going to get from the lower levels up to the second floor?I'm still looking for a Castle Greyskull orange throne to try and fit into the castle somewhere.For now,this Is what I got.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Remco AWA Wrestlers - Rick Martel/Baron von Raschke

I was more of  a WWF fan than anything growing up.I never liked their figures ,though.The big ,rubber LJN wrestlers looked more like giant erasers to me and you couldn't pose them into any cool wrestling stances.In the commercials,kids would bounce them off of the floor and make them do all kinds of cool jumps and flips.I don't know about you but that never worked for me.Lots of die hard kid WWF fans  loved  them,though,from the apparent wear on the figures today.  In 1985,Remco did a good job of  differentiating themselves from that by releasing their own line of articulated AWA wrestlers.Their toys were actual "action" figures,modeled after the earlier released Lost World of  the Warlords line of  figures.While they could never measure up to  LJN's WWF line as far as popularity,I secretly liked them better.I barely knew any of the cast,but I loved their chunky build and discernible rubber head sculpts.I would always see them in friends collections but never actually owned any of them.I'm super excited to have these two in my collection now,even If It's without their soft goods robes and accessories.They look awesome as Is and are pretty damn sturdy.I think I'll go after Ric Flair,The Road Warriors and then the Freebirds next.Whichever one of them comes first.

Monday, July 18, 2016

MOTU Vintage Rokkon

From what I've gathered online,Rokkon wasn't released until 1986.That would explain the connection I have with this figure.At that time ,I was a full blown action figure fanatic ,and while It was mainly Joes I gobbled up,Rokkon was prevalent In many of my friends collections.I wasn't a big He-Man collector,but figures like this,with cool gimmicks, always grabbed my attention. The greatest thing about Rokkon Is the connection he has  with one of my all time favorite years,1986.Lots of crazy shit happened that year.The unfortunate space shuttle Challenger incident,Mike Tyson becoming the youngest heavyweight champion and the release of a MOTU figure that morphs into a rock and back again.

"Which way did he go!"

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

MOTU Vintage Jitsu

I needed someone to duel It out with Fisto so Jitsu made the most sense.Jitsu is a MOTU figure I've always liked and I'm glad I could add him to the collection.He came with his sword but he can't hold It since the outer part of the handle Is broken off.

Monday, July 11, 2016

G.I. Joe GvC - Dart

I've posted about Dart before ,but I think this utterly awesome figure deserves a second look!Dart Is from the G.I. Joe vs. Cobra line.I'll admit to not being much of a fan of the concept In general,but you can cherry pick the heck out of this line and really strike gold with some of the characters. At first glance ,Dart looks like your average ,heavy machine gunnin' infantry soldier.But upon further inspection,you'll notice small,subtle things about the sculpt that really distinguish Dart from your everyday ,military themed figure.Like the Eagle crest On his chest.I can only assume It's a pendant of some kind.And check out the tribal arm bands.Also,the soft goods ghillie suit  hints at Dart's ambush capabilities.

If the eagle crest and tribal arm bands weren't enough to clue you into Dart's native american background,then the feather In his helmet and  pony tail  will.He's like Spirit on steroids.The only thing I don't like about Dart Is his name,Dart?Couldn't they have thought of a more original native american name than just plain old Dart?Aside from all that ,this Is one of Hasbros best looking figure designs and a character that needs to be cast In a future Joe film.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Castle Doom!

It's official.I have dubbed the Fisher Price castle I recently found at a garage sale,Castle Doom!I'll also use It for other figures In certain pics and such,but for the most part,this is primarily MU Dooms crib.I'd like to find some computer monitors to throw in there somewhere and maybe a throne,although this version of Doom won't be doing much sitting.I was thinking about giving It a little paint job,maybe a black wash ,but you know what?It doesn't look half bad the way It is.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Garage Sale Find!

Garage sale find?That's a first here on Toy Break.And that's mainly because I don't frequent them as much and when I do,there's never anything good.Well today,on my travels, I spotted this  1994 Fisher Price Great Adventures Castle!I told my better half that If It was still there on my way back that I'd shell out 5 bucks for It.Luckily this baby was still there waiting and  so I snagged It up. It's not a bad piece.It's missing one trap door up at the top of one tower, but the other Is still there and works!It's also missing the cannon at the top but It's something I would have removed anyways because of how cartoony It looks.Also all of the cartoon looking decals are non existent so that saves me the trouble of having to remove them.Not a bad pick up for 5 bucks.Niow I will be brainstorming ,figuring out how to customize it to my liking.Where's Rey when you need him :)

Thursday, July 7, 2016

MOTU Vintage Fisto

Lately I've been on a MOTU kick,looking for figures that I either owned as a kid or came across regularly via other kids,friends and relatives. Fisto I had as a youngan. I wasn't into all the MOTU characters  but really liked the bearded barbarian looking figures ,and Fisto fit the bill. Lots of kids I knew owned Fisto. He was pretty much a regular and many a fourth grader carried him around In their MOTU lunch pales.I found this one on Ebay,listed as being in excellent condition .What a crock.Yeah ,his paint and overall condition was great but his legs are loose as heck!I can hardly get him to stand up.I'm still waiting on a response from the seller,who coincidentally doesn't accept returns,to see what he has to say.I'll probably hang on to the figure and try to do the old MOTU leg fix,but this seller needs to be reminded to list things like loose legs,especially on these MOTU figures.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Batman Vs. Superman - Superman

When I buy a single figure from a line ,It could be any line,and It hangs around my collection long enough,I get a little anxious.It bugs me  to have just one figure from a line on display.Luckily ,Batman Vs. Superman product has been collecting dust on  toy aisle shelves like forever ,so It wasn't hard to find a Superman figure to display next to  Batman.I was really looking for the first Aquaman release or Wonder Woman but all they had was the variant Aquaman and no Wonder Women :( All is good,though.I have them both In my eBay watch list ;)So lets check out the figure shall we....

I hope that's a heat shield because he's gonna need It to keep that plastic cape from melting .

Here he is posing,with his flowing strawberry fruit roll up..I mean cape draped behind him. 

Here's Supes coming In for a landing.It's the only really dramatic pose I could get him to stand In without him falling over. 

He's all right ,for a toy.I love the chunkiness of these figures.They're super solid,brightly colored super hero action figures!