Monday, February 29, 2016

1984 Cannell A-Team- MR. T ( B.A. Baracus)

Mr.T was a staple In my childhood and yours too If you grew up In the 80's.He was a larger than life,In yo face character who stood for everything that was good .Mr. T taught us the right thing to do.He taught us to never bully,stand up for ourselves and to be kind while doing It.He also taught us how to say "I pity da fool!"He was on our lunchboxes,television screens and cereal boxes and frankly,there was no one cooler than!This past week I was able to negotiate with an awesome eBay-er,and I got my very own Mr.T action figure!I already had a B.A. Baracus Galoob 3 3/4 fig but that one ,while cool,just doesn't do him any justice.This Cannell (what the hell Is a Cannell?, I never heard of this toy manufacturer)produced  Mr.T figure Is a better representation of the character,with the jewelry,tattoos and  trademark outfit!

I expected the plastic on this figure to be a little heftier ,but It's really not that chunky.He feels rather light In hand. Alot of these Mr.T  figures are In good shape but the tattoos that have rubbed form general usage and old age.Luckily mine was still Intact.Hes got 8 points of articulation at the head ,arms,waist,legs and knees. 

Look at the guns on this guy!I just love this figure :)

Here's the tale of the tape.The figures In this line weren't quite In scale with Rambo FoF figs, but I remember buying  a Cannell A-Team villain  ,Python,as a kid to duel It out with my Rambo figure.Python Is probably going to be next on my checklist.Sadly ,he came accessory-less ,and that's a shame because he has a nice array of  weapons.

A couple of T's,three If you include me ;) 

Mr.T fits nicely into my vintage display and I pity da fool   who says he doesn't!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Marvel Titan Heroes - Sandman

When I saw Sandman hanging on the pegs at my local Wal - Mart going for a mere $8.98,I wasn't about to pass him up.He seemed to be one of the more expensive figures online and I knew If I didn't pick him up now,at retail price,then I would probably miss out on him.I didn't expect much from the figure ,as we all know Titan Heroes have limited articulation.So man, was I surprised   to find out that Sandman actually had hinged arms and legs ,allowing for outward extension as well as the normal back and forth articulation.I would have been pleased with the usual Titan Heroes sculpt and articulation so this was a pleasant surprise.You don't see many reviews or vids on these guys because , frankly,they're not popular. But I like them!If you don't want to burn a hole In your pocket and would like to  pick up a larger than life,brightly colored ,awesome Marvel action figure to make your display pop,then look no further than Marvel's Titan Heroes!Not only are they great to look at,but they're also fun to play with.There Is something satisfying about swinging those giant plastic arms ,twisting king sized  swivel wrists and turning big ol'  action figure head sculpts! Who doesn't love a chunky action figure ?They also make for great picture taking.They obviously dwarf Marvel Universe figures ,but look awesome when paired together.Oh the endless possibilities and play scenarios!Have your 3 3/4 Doom figure  blast your 3 3/4 Sandman with a growth ray and watch him duke It out with teenie-tiny Spiderman!Seriously,for the price,Marvel Titan Heroes are totally worth It!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Marvel Titan Heroes Showdown!

Things are about to get serious when I finally decide to free this Marvel baddie from his cardboard confines.This will definitely come to blows!POW!THWACK!TING!KRACK!OUCHIE!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Falcon Reborn!

It was bugging the crap out of me that this amazing Titan Hero Falcon figure Derek sent over was In my toy stash dinged up.He had warned me about the small nicks It had on his chest and I told him I'd try to fix them myself.So much for that because I failed miserably.Well,over the weekend I must have channeled Hobby's repro man ,Rey, and touched up my saddy Falcon figure with some white nail polish ,and It came out half way decent.I couldn't stand seeing him In my drawer anymore,Falcon needed to fly!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Transformers Legions/Legends - Skywarp

Another discount TF,this one's Skywarp.Again,this guy turned out to be a bit small for my taste although the sculpt and overall look of the figure Is G1 accurate and decent.I have seen a version of him that's a bit more articulated and little bigger that might blend In better with my Generations Optimus.I still have my classes mixed up and It's a bit frustrating when your trying to pair up figures according to scale.These two latest additions , Grimlock and Skywarp, were a big fail ,even though both have their good points.Maybe I'll go after a Legion class Optimus and Megatron at some point to display Skywarp and Grimlock correctly.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Transformers Legions/Legends Class - Grimlock

Legions,Legends,la,la,la,la,la whatever.Transformers have more classes than the military.I'm thinking the Legions Class are the smallest of the figures considering how wimpy Gwimlock wooks In his itty ,bitty, shitty wobot mode.I thought he'd look nice next to my Generations Optimus and Bumblebee,but negative.I actually had to improvise his leg length by folding out an extra piece to make him look a little taller.The packaging,not pictured here,was also a bit deceiving.It shows an awesome G1 style Grimlock on the card,which  prompted me to do a double take.After being let down when I realized that the figure within  wasn't based on the G1 version,I decided to pass It up. Then I thought about It a little more and decided,hey what the heck,he does have the G1 color going for him,so I changed my tune and ultimately snagged him up.It was  also on sale for like three bucks so why not.The big disappointment came after taking him out of his packaging and seeing how dinky he looked next to my other smaller sized TF's.I mean,had he been any other Transformer,like Beachcomber or Cliffjumper ,then a smaller robot mode would have made more sense.But this Is Grimlock we're talking about,a friggin' T-Rex.I wish they would have made his robot mode a little,no a lot bigger.Even If It Is just a "Legions" class,you have to do this larger than life Autobot some justice. I will say that I wasn't disappointed In his alternate Dinosaur mode.At least in that mode he stands a lot taller.Enjoy the pics!

"Autobots,lets roll out!"